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lchemist Infosystems offers a full range of website development services to its clients. We use latest web trends and technologies to offer distinctive yet practical website development solutions to our clients that results in high return on investment.

With over a decade of experience in website development services, we have honed the technologies and processes that enable us to deliver exceptional quality and cost-competitive websites, on-time. However, we are flexible to meet the unique needs of our clients – from enterprises to startups.

Our developers specialize in a number of programming languages, including PHP, ASP.NET, AJAX, JQuery, XHTML, Flex, Adobe, SQL Server and MySQL.

Our Website Development Process

Our Website Development Process

Analyze: Websites are made with a specific target audience in mind. So, in the first step we analyze your unique business requirements and your perspective audiences to deliver a product that best suit your needs. In addition, we ask you a lot of questions to get a complete understanding of your business requirements and target audiences.

Planning: Using the information collected in the first step, we create a custom tailored plan to meet your business needs. In this step we decide what pages will be included in the website and what features will be on each page. In addition, we will identify the goals of your site, your target audience, site's color scheme, navigation, logo placement, content, and special features.

Design: In this step, we determine the look and feel of the website. A design mockup of the website pages is created which is presented to you as image for review. Once the mockup is approved, we initiate the design process.

Develop: The development process involves programming and incorporating the content and graphics into the site design. The process includes core languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and additional website-specific languages such as PHP, Java, etc. Throughout the development process, you will be able to review the progress and request any changes you might like.

Testing and Delivery: We comprehensively test the new website and troubleshoot all issues to ensure everything is working properly. Once the website is thoroughly tested, we launch it for public viewing.

Maintenance: Once your website is launched, the work isn’t over. A website is an ongoing entity, and to ensure that your awesome website stays awesome, maintenance is crucial. Our team of web designers is always available to assist you with anything you require even after the completion of the project.

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